Counselor Sebrina Towns brings a wealth of knowledge to the students at J. T. Reddick. She provides students with a framework to grow intellectually as well as emotionally.  The counselor is responsible for nurturing positive attitudes and guiding students to develop the skills needed to be future successful members of society. Through character education lessons students are encouraged to foster interpersonal skills.

Several monthly activities are planned for students where they are given classroom guidance on various emotions, feelings, and life skills.  Some of these sessions include topics about loyalty, grief, and making good choices. During the sessions, students are engaged in answering questions, sharing experiences, and acting out scenes about the topic. On occasion students are sometimes burdened with problems they need to discuss with an educated, trustworthy professional. Students learn how to problem solve by working through common adolescent issues with Ms. Towns on a one-on-one basis about various problems or experiences.