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Student Council

J. T. Reddick’s Student Council has been active since October, 2001.  Operating within adopted student council by-laws, members, recommended or voted on by fellow classmates, have served in many capacities.  From the president to the individual class members, students have acted as tour guides for the SACS committee, worked as hosts or hostesses on special days when parents and board members were invited to eat with their children and performed as emcees of PRIDE programs.

As part of their community service, the student council members have adopted Ruth’s Cottage, a safe haven for mothers and children who have been abused or are seeking refuge from abusive situations.   Among the many events hosted for Ruth’s Cottage, student council members have encouraged classmates and been responsible for filling the bed of a pickup truck with can goods, conducted a craft fair in which collected and donated craft items filled the trunk of a 2002 Lincoln Town Car, and, this year, presented Ruth’s Cottage with a pickup load of clothing, games, toys, and cleaning supplies.   Can tabs have been donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  The selling of aluminum cans and pop-top water bottles have provided monies for cancer victims. 

Fundraisers are conducted with Reddick teachers, students and community in mind. Along with the assistance of staff members of J. T. Reddick, the student council provided funds and hosted a repast (dinner) for the bereaved family of a student who died from cancer.