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Sue Palmer » Unit 1 - Inside the Earth

Unit 1 - Inside the Earth

Unit Overview:
Surface and subsurface processes that are involved in the formation and destruction of earth materials are identified in this unit.

Objectives (What are OUR goals, and what will YOU learn in this unit?):
1. Compare & contrast the Earth’s crust, mantle, and core in terms of temperature, density & composition.
2. Describe the theory of continental drift and describe the supporting evidence.
3. Explain what Pangaea was.
4. Explain the basics of the theory of plate tectonics.
5. Explain what is meant by the terms “lithosphere” and “asthenosphere”, and the difference between them in terms of plate tectonics.
6. Name, locate, and describe the three types of plate boundaries.
7. Relate the movement of plates at three different boundaries to the resulting geological event or landforms.
8. Describe what convection currents are, how they form, and how they move.
9. Explain how convection currents are related to plate tectonics.
10. Explain what is meant by “seafloor spreading”, and how it provides evidence of continental drift and plate tectonics.
11. Locate and identify the main features of the ocean floor.