J.T. Reddick Elementary

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                                                                      Kindergarten students writing sight words. (Four students sitting at table writing sight words.)

Students reading books with their flashlights.

Kindergarten students playing on the new slide!

                                                                                                           Reading can take you all over the world! ( Three students reading books.)

                                                       "Gutsy the Flying Fox" put on a great show for us in the gymnasium! (Student with hands resting on head.)

Gutsy teaching fifth grade students about team building skills. 

(Four students balancing on each other's lap to balance and learn team building as Gutsy the Flying Fox looks on.)

Look what book I checked out! No! Look what  book I checked out! Reading can take you across the world...

(Boys reading books in media center.)

Excited about a new day at J.T. Reddick! (Students sitting in the hall before the morning bell.)

Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy to be at JTR! (Students walking down hall to homeroom in the morning.)

Lunch and recess...an exciting part of our day! (Kindergarten boys eating lunch in the cafeteria.)

Reddick Math Night - November 29th at 5:00